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Welcome to Wisconsin Association of FFA

Established in 1929, the Wisconsin Association of FFA is an association of the National FFA Organization whose mission is to make a positive difference in the lives of students by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. Wisconsin has 250 FFA chapters statewide and over 20,000 members.

The FFA operates on local, state and national levels. Student members belong to chapters organized at the local school district. In order for a school district to charter and maintain an FFA chapter, there must be a certified licensed agricultural educator hired by the school district who then also serves as the chapter advisor.

FFA members are part of a total program in agricultural education, consisting of classroom instruction in agriculture, supervised agricultural experiences where students gain career skills and on the job training and leadership development through the FFA organization.

What's New and Upcoming

2017-2018 Wisconsin FFA Calendar of Events

2017 National FFA Convention Award Results

2017 Wisconsin American FFA Degree Recipients

2017 State FFA Convention Press Releases

National FFA Fact Sheet

Correct Locations to Send FFA Payments

Wisconsin FFA Membership Recruitment Video

2017 Sectional Leadership Workshops
- Important Details and Information
- 2017 SLW Objectives
- 2017 Program and Workshop Descriptions
- 2017 Press Release
- Online SLW Registration

2017 FFA FIRE Conference For 7, 8 and 9 Grade Members
- FIRE Conference Information
- 2017 Conference Objectives
- FVTC-Appleton Press Release
- UW-Madison Press Release
- UW-River Falls Press Release
- Online FIRE Conference Registration

Fall 2017 FFA 212 Leadership Conference
- Conference Details
- Conference Objectives
- Online 212 Conference Registration

Fall 2017 FFA 360 Leadership Conference
- Conference Information
- Conference Objectives
- Advisor Schedule
- Online 360 Conference Registration



List of Chapters By District and Section

Wisconsin FFA Soils Competitions

NEW! Parliamentary Procedure Rules

NEW! Parliamentary Procedure Demonstration Video

New! Parliamentary Procedure Scorecards I and 2

New! Parliamentary Procedure Scorecard 3

Parliamentary Procedure Judges Totals Score Sheet

2017 State FFA Safe Tractor Operator Contest Results

2017 State FFA Safe Tractor Operator Contest Winners Photo

2017 State FFA Safe Tractor Operator Contest Participants Photo

Weekly FFA Center Newsletter

Wisconsin FFA Center's Weekly Newsletter

A weekly update on Wisconsin FFA activities from the Wisconsin FFA Center, Inc.

For the week of September 11, 2017

1. Sectional Leadership Workshops Begin September 18
2. 2017 State FFA FIRE Conferences For Young Members
3. 2017-18 Wisconsin FFA Center Fee
4. 2017-2018 FFA Membership Dues
5. 212 and 360 Personal Development Conferences
6. Mark Your Calendars!! UW-River Falls Parliamentary Procedure Workshops
7. Did You Know?
8. Quote of the Week

Upcoming Deadlines and Activities:
Sept. 18 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 9 - Luxemburg-Caso
Sept. 19 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 8 - Waupaca
Sept. 20 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 7 - Owen-Withee
Sept. 22 Registration Due Online for FVTC-Appleton FIRE Conference
Sept. 22-24 World Beef Expo - West Allis
Sept. 25 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 3 - Black River Falls
Sept. 26 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 2 - Menomonie
Sept. 27 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 7 - Amery
Sept. 29 Registration Due Online for UW-Madison FIRE Conference
Sept. 30 FIRE Conference - FVTC-Appleton
October 2 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 10 - Big Foot
October 2-6 World Dairy Expo - Madison
October 3 World Dairy Expo FFA Judging Day
October 4 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 4 - Mineral Point
October 6 Registration Due Online for UW-River Falls FIRE Conference
October 9 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 6 - Lodi
October 10 Sectional Leadership Workshop - Section 5 - Oregon
October 14 FIRE Conference - UW-River Falls
Oct. 15-28 National FFA Convention - Indianapolis, Indiana
Nov. 10-11 212 and 360 Conferences - Green Bay

Sectional Leadership Workshops Begin September 18
Materials are posted online for the 2017 Wisconsin FFA Sectional Leadership Workshops. PLEASE REGISTER ONLINE!!! There is no fee to attend this workshop. Bring as many members as you would like!! This is a workshop not only for chapter officers, but for any of your members who need a jump start for the year to learn about all the opportunities in FFA and sharpen their leadership skills.

NEW THIS YEAR!! Wisconsin FFA Alumni members in each section will meet from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. during the Sectional Leadership Workshops. Make sure to sign up your alumni members and bring them along this year too!!

Advisors: Please Bring the following Items to your SLW
1. Laptop Computer....we hope that most locations will have wireless internet so that you each can work on the state and national FFA websites.

All members, advisors, and chapter officers are invited to attend the 2017 Sectional Leadership Workshops. This year?s theme is ?FFA Ever After?. A featured part of the workshop will include chapter presidents meeting with the state president for the first two rounds of workshops and then their sectional officer during the third round of workshops. A number of items will be discussed including key topics for chapter presidents, national FFA delegate issues and chapter visits.

Advisors will be updated on numerous programs and activities including the updates with the National FFA website and all the changes in programs and activities. If you can't attend the workshop in your section, you are definitely invited to attend a neighboring workshop...Just make sure to attend with your students!!
Section 1 - Amery, Wednesday, September 27
Section 2 - Menomonie, Tuesday, September 26
Section 3 - Black River Falls, Monday, September 25
Section 4 - Mineral Point, Wednesday, October 4
Section 5 - Oregon, Tuesday, October 10
Section 6 - Lodi, Monday, October 9
Section 7 - Owen-Withee, Wednesday, September 20
Section 8 - Waupaca, Tuesday, September 19
Section 9 - Luxemburg-Casco, Monday, September 18
Section 10 - Big Foot, Monday, October 2

2017 State FFA FIRE Conferences For Young Members
Don't have your students miss out on a great opportunity to learn about FFA. Mark your calendars for the upcoming FIRE Conferences. FVTC-Appleton, September 30; UW-Madison, October 7 and UW-River Falls, October 14. This year?s theme is ?Destination Unknown: The Possibilities are Limitless?. The state officers have a great program planned for your young members. This is a super one-day workshop for your members to attend and learn about FFA, meet young members from across the state, visit with state officers and get excited about their future in the organization. Registration is posted on the Wisconsin FFA Website. The cost is $35 per student which includes a t-shirt, meal, and materials.

2017-2018 Wisconsin FFA Center Fee
Don't forget to pay your 2017-18 Wisconsin FFA Center Fee. Invoices were distributed at the WAAE Summer Conference. If you did not attend summer conference, they were sent to you in the mail. Please contact the Wisconsin FFA Center immediately if you need a new invoice. Payment is due September 15, 2017.

2017-2018 FFA Membership Dues
We again are offering FFA chapters the opportunity to select the National and State FFA Affiliate Dues Option. Last year, 60 Wisconsin FFA chapters utilized this new membership option. More of you are welcome to sign up - deadline for sign up is October 10. I will provide more information about this to you at SLW.

Benefits of the Affiliate Dues Option:
1. All agricultural education students would be FFA members, thus allowing full participation in the three circle model= Every Student, Every Classroom, Every Day
2. Equal opportunity for all students in all parts of the agricultural education model (classroom, experiential learning and leadership education)
3. Repositions FFA as integral for instruction and removes the ?club? connotation
4. More efficient use of class time and resources (cost per student, teacher?s time, less money handling in dues collection)
5. Opens access for alternative funding sources to pay just one fee

Payment: This Fall, returning affiliated member chapters will be invoiced based on their prior year membership. Next April, the new affiliate dues chapters will be invoiced. New affiliate's bills are based on current year membership for the first year only.

If your chapter chooses to pay the regular dues package....National FFA Dues are $7.00 and State Dues are $5.50 for a total of $12.50 per member.

Bring your questions to Sectional Leadership Workshops.

212 and 360 Personal Development Conferences Don?t forget?.the 212 Conference and the 360 Conference are scheduled for November 10-11 in Green Bay. 212 is designed for Freshmen and Sophomores. 360 is designed for Juniors and Seniors. Four teams of presenters from National FFA will be in Wisconsin to help FFA members develop personal and leadership skills. The conferences begin at 6:00 p.m. on Friday and end around 4:00 p.m. on Saturday.
Information about the conferences will be available soon on the Wisconsin FFA Website under ?Events".

Mark Your Calendars!! UW-River Falls Parliamentary Procedure Workshops

UW-River Falls: November 6, 2017
Shawano: November 7, 2017
Tomah: November 9, 2017
Mayville: November 16, 2017

Did You Know?
In 2016, 2,136 FFA members, advisors and alumni members attended the Sectional Leadership Workshops.

Quote of the Week
?If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.? ?John Quincy Adams

Have a great week! I will be on the road the next 4 weeks with Sectional Leadership Workshops. Terry Bernick and Anita Ruger will be in the office while I am traveling. However if you need to reach me, you can call my cell phone at 715-207-5093.

Thank you,

Cheryl L. Zimmerman
Wisconsin FFA Executive Director
Wisconsin FFA Center, Inc.
Phone: 715-659-4807

Annual Calendar of Events

2017-2018 Wisconsin FFA Calendar of Events