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Brenna Bays - Parliamentarian
Adams-Friendship FFA Chapter - Section 6
Forever Thankful!
Nov. 27, 2015
Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

I know this is a day late, but yesterday was a day full of fun and food with my closest family and friends. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving Day celebrating with your closest family and friends and enjoying all of the food possible (and of course leftovers for the next week!)

Over the past week, I have found myself contemplating and thinking about everything that I am thankful for. There is so much to be thankful for, especially this year, that I felt it would be important to share them with you.
Here are my a 5 of the important things I am thankful for:

My Family- From day one, they chose to support me and all of my crazy dreams. They are the greatest bunch of individuals that are always there for me and continuously bring a smile to my face everytime I see them. I am blessed to have spent this Holiday Season with them!
My Friends- For some reason, they chose to stick with me. I can always count of my friends to be there for me through the thick and thin. They mean the world to me, though we don’t see each other everyday anymore! I am thankful to find time to meet with them this week and throughout the Christmas Season.
My Teammates- The ten individuals I have the opportunity to work with this year are an absolute blessing on my life! I could not have asked for anyone else to work with and better yet, become my new brothers and sisters. I am thankful they are always there for me!!
Agriculture- The food that I was blessed with this week and always is all because of the dedicated individuals that make up production agriculture as well as the entire agriculture industry. I am thankful to be involved in producing the food that one day creates a delicious meal for someone else.
YOU- Because of all of you, I am in the position I am today! I can not thank you all enough for teaching me how to be myself and to have fun everyday with the blessings I have received. Thank you all so much.

Now, it is your turn. Take today to think about the people, experiences, or interests in your life that you are thankful for. What makes you, you? What are you thankful for?


Best wishes,

Brenna Bays
The Little Dog that Could
Nov. 18, 2015
Hey there Wisconsin FFA!

As I patiently wait the time before I can decorate my house for Christmas (the weekend after Thanksgiving), I can not sit in silence anymore due to my little munchkin of a dog, Bella! This past May, my mom thought it would be a great idea to rescue a Great Dane puppy! We already have an 8 year old German Shorthaired Pointer named Jack, so why not add some excitement to his life as well ours, right?

Well, after bring our new little bundle of joy, Bella, home, we realized that she wasn’t growing like she should be. Now, from what I learned in my Animal Science class in high school, Great Dane’s are supposed to be very, very, VERY large dogs and they were also supposed to grow quite quickly. To our shock, Bella was not. When we brought her home, we believed she was only 11 weeks old, but we were slightly mistaken. Bella took her first visit to the vet for her Puppy Check-Up about two weeks after we got her and the news we received was shocking. Instead of being 11 weeks old, our little Bella had all of her 6 month old teeth in, which put her at being older than 6 months of age. It took us all a while to accept the fact that our 45 pound ball of pure energy and excitement was not a Great Dane and was also not going to grow anymore.

Now, after realizing that all of the supplies we purchased for a giant dog was not fully necessary anymore, we all developed the same questions in our minds: What breed is Bella then? The answer to the question is currently unknown still to this day. We are looking into eventually finding out what Bella is, but it isn’t all that necessary anymore.

I am blessed to be worn out by a pup that has the heart of a Great Dane, but is only the size of a beagle. Physically, size does not matter at all throughout our lives. It is how we accept the challenge ahead of us. Bella wakes up every morning with the excitement to hang out with her family and the willingness to put all of her effort into what she enjoys doing: running around in the yard and chewing up all of her toys.

In a way, we all need to live life like Bella. We need to keep an open-mind on our day and not let the challenge that we are facing get the best of us. We all need to wake up every morning with the mindset of “Today will be another great day” and make the most of every moment we are given. But most importantly, have the heart of a Great Dane, while being the size of a beagle.

Be inspirational!

Some Gave All
Nov. 11, 2015
Veteran’s Day: Honoring those who serve. We have all been told this many times, but not many of us take into consideration the hard work and dedication our veterans have given to ensuring this beautiful country continues to be the land of the free and the home of the brave. It seems as if a seldom few of us actually understand the true meaning of Veteran’s Day. Veteran’s Day should not just be a once a year kind of day. Yes, we only celebrate on November 11, but we have the ability to thank Veterans for everything they all year round. It takes a special kind of person to put their life on the line for their country, but our Veterans wouldn’t change their decision for anything.

I encourage each of you to go out of your way today to thank the men and women who have served, are currently serving, or are preparing to serve our wonderful country. We honor all of your decisions and pray to bring you home safely. Thank you for all that you do!!!

Amplify-What does it mean?
Nov. 03, 2015
Hello Wisconsin FFA!

For those of you that attended the 88th National FFA Convention, I hope you all had a great week!!! My teammates and I had a blast at National FFA Convention while we served at National Delegates for the week. As delegates, we served on a variety of committees working to better the National FFA Organization for all of its members. It was neat to take part in so much work that happens before the first gavel tap. Though the work of a delegate could not be replaced, my favorite part of convention was sitting on the floor during each session.

“Amplify...our goals, our lives, our voice…” is what played before, during, and after each session. During each session, the National Officers would connect how others have amplified their lives and achieved their goals to make it to National Convention, but how do we actually amplify in our own lives.

According to, the definition of Amplify is to make larger, greater, or stronger. As FFA members we have the potential to grow our FFA experience, but only if we set our minds to our goals. It is so easy to become side-tracked, but by remembering to Amplify our lives, we will always stay on task. We, as FFA members, will remember that in order to excel in our lives or in our FFA careers, we need to Amplify our goals and our voice. By staying true to our goals and our vision of the future, we can accomplish anything we put our minds too!

How can you Amplify your life?

Amplifying always,

Brenna Bays
State FFA Parliamentarian
snapchat: wiffasection6
Meet the Future of Agriculture
Oct. 14, 2015
Hello Wisconsin FFA!

I cannot believe chapter visits are nearly half over and we are nearing the last FIRE Conference this Saturday, which will be held in River Falls. The fall is flying by, but it is such a beautiful time of year as the leaves are changing colors and the true dedication and hard work of our farmers is shining through.

Last week during my chapter visit travels, I had the wonderful opportunity to meet two young girls named Grace and Eve. Grace and Ever are both excited 4-H members and are critical parts on their family’s dairy farm. Grace and Eve, every day after school, help her family feed all of the calves and youngstock and also finds time to play with all of the cats. I was lucky enough to help Grace and Eve finish their chores that night and see the same sparkle in their eyes I had when I was helping with chores on my family’s farm. They showed me around the whole farm, allowing me to play with the calves and cats and carrying on conversations about cows, farming, school, and showing cattle. I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with Grace, Eve and their family, but it really made me think back to when I was their age.

I held the same enthusiasm, interest, and work ethic that Grace and Eve held. I remember going outside to help my grandparents and father with chores every night I came home from school, but especially over the weekends. I remember learning the definition of determination and perseverance working outside at the farm, which I have not forgot today.

We, especially Grace and Eve, are the future of agriculture. We hold the power to ensure we are the next generation of agriculturists to provide food for our growing population. Though it may not be easy, we are most definitely ready to accept the challenge. Each of us, through FFA, are developing the strong work ethic we need to pursue a career in the agriculture industry. FFA is developing our potential for Premier Leadership, Personal Growth, and Career Success. Now, let’s take what we have learned from FFA and actually utilize it!

Proud to be the Future of Agriculture,

Brenna Bays
State FFA Parliamentarian
And Like a Flash...
Oct. 05, 2015
Wow… I know that I have stated this multiple times, but this year is flying by! Sectional Leadership Workshops came to a close last Thursday and the State Officers have already put on the Fox Valley Technical College FIRE Conference last Saturday. September has come and gone, but I am super stoked to begin all of my chapter visits.

It was great meeting with most of you briefly at Sectional Leadership Workshops, but I am ready to get to know more of you during Chapter Visits. The season of visiting each of your schools is upon us and I can not describe how excited I am!

I remember back to when I was in high school and the State Officer came to Adams-Friendship. I was always in awe of how easily they related a simple activity to so many life situations. It was always an eye opening experience for myself and I hope to carry on the same messages to each of you.

I hope your school year is going great and I promise to see each of you soon!

Looking forward to a great fall,

Brenna Bays
State FFA Parliamentarian
Endless Opportunities
Sep. 26, 2015
I can not believe we have been traveled across the state for another week! The second week of Sectional Leadership Workshops have flown by! After another week I can easily say FFA members from Section 2, Section 1, Section 3, and Section 7 are definitely excited and ready for a great year ahead!

Throughout the past week, the State Officers had the opportunity to visit a variety of businesses in the agriculture industry. I knew the agriculture industry was large, but I never took into consideration diversity of careers that all have connections to agriculture. By taking the time to visit industries and learn more about how they benefit agriculture as a whole is honestly really neat to see. One visit this past week really stuck out to me.

Coming from the Central Sands here in Adams-Friendship made me familiar with the struggles of growing corn, soybeans, and potatoes, but I never took the time to drive an hour west to learn about the Cranberry Industry. At Copper Road Receiving Station, about 40 million pounds of cranberries are unloaded, washed, and shipped of to processing companies, such as Ocean Spray. Once the cranberries are unloaded into one of the five pools of water, they are cleaned, separated by size, and then stored in the crate to be shipped off to the processing plant. The efficiency of the receiving station is remarkable and a part of agriculture that isn’t advertised a lot.

As FFA members, we all have the opportunity to find any dream career in the agriculture industry. There is more than what meets the eye in agriculture and all of us need to take the time to really find our niche in the industry and follow it throughout our lives. The coolest and most interesting careers are usually the ones that we don’t always see right away, so keep searching! “BE” open-minded when looking for careers to job shadow or processes to take on in our SAE projects.

Keeping an eye on all my opportunities,

Brenna Bays
State FFA Parliamentarian
Week One and Already Done
Sep. 17, 2015
Hello Wisconsin FFA!

I can not believe summer has finally come to an end and the school year is starting! It may not seem like the greatest time of year to be back in the classroom when the leaves are beginning to change colors, but the State Officers are in the processes of having three whole weeks devoted for you to attend the Sectional Leadership Workshops across the State. So far in our journey, the State Officers have travelled to three Sections across the State, but more excitement awaits in the two weeks to come!
Just this past Sunday, the State Officers drove to my house in Adams-Friendship to have some relaxing worktime before starting the Sectional Leadership Workshops. We also had the opportunity to play Dodgeball with area schools, which turned out to be a very competitive, fun-filled way to meet new members! I can assure you all that my Dodgeball skills have not changed since high school seeing that I was hit multiple times, even when I tried to hide in the back!

When Monday rolled around the corner, we all were ready for our first Sectional Leadership Workshop! We toured Gary Bula Farms in Grand Marsh, WI where we learned the entire process of growing potatoes. It was a part of agriculture that none of us were too familiar with, so seeing firsthand how the potatoes are harvested was incredible. After learning about potatoes, we traveled to Adams where we toured the Grain and Agronomy Plants at Allied Cooperative. The technology that Allied Cooperative utilizes to ensure their customers are having the best service was really neat to see in action. The efficiency of both plants was so unique that it was nothing we had seen before. After the tours, we headed to the high school to begin the Section 6 Sectional Leadership Workshop. The enthusiasm from the FFA Members made it possible for all us to put on the best workshop we all had hoped for. You all paved the way to a great week to kick of SLW’s!!! Thank you!

On Tuesday, the State Officers made their way Omro for the Section 8 Sectional Leadership Workshop. We toured Oshkosh Tools in Omro, WI where they made industrial sized shovels and tools for electrical workers who bury telephone poles. The efficiency of the business for the market was so unique but definitely needed! After Oshkosh Tools, we toured the ADM Grain Facilities. The overall process was similar to the Grain Plant at Allied Cooperative, but the details varied greatly! It was great to see how each business can utilize different technology and safety procedure to be as efficient as they can for their customers! That night we held the Section 8 SLW at the Omro high school and the students were incredible! The excitement from the previous night continued as we reached out to every FFA member in attendance. It was a very powerful workshop which gave us more energy for the Section 9 Sectional Leadership Workshop of Wednesday.

Wednesday morning came quickly and we were off on our way to the LaClare Farms just outside of Chilton. We were able to have a full tour of the goat milking facilities and see the entire process from the goat milk into cheese sold in their retail store. It is a great business to visit and to eat at! Afterward, we toured Kaytee, which is a bird seed company. The entire building makes feed that ships internationally! Once an order is made, it only takes three days to mix the product, bag it, and ship it! The Section 9 SLW was a great way to meet FFA members from EACH Chapter in Section 9! The enthusiasm and excitement that the members had made Section 9 a great place to end a great week!

I would like to give a HUGE Thank You to everyone that helped make each Sectional Leadership Workshop run smoothly! We couldn’t do it without you!

We all are looking forward to the upcoming Business and Industry Visits and Sectional Leadership Workshops all across the State!!

See You Soon,

Brenna Bays
State FFA Parliamentarian
Ahead of the Curve
Sep. 03, 2015
Last week, Abby, Beth, Bryce, Sally, Mr. Hicken and I attended the Growmark Annual Meeting in Chicago, Illinois. This was my first time ever in downtown Chicago and I can definitely say it was unforgettable. It was so much different than small town Adams, Wisconsin...but I can say I survived and actually enjoyed spending time right next to Lake Michigan at the Hilton Chicago. After we settled in and walked around downtown Chicago a little bit, we began getting ready for the festivities that were to happen over the next day. We were able to meet with the State Officers from Iowa and Illinois and the Ontario Young Leaders during flag practice and the opening flag ceremony. We also talked with Growmark Leaders and Wisconsin Farm Bureau members about their positions and countless opportunities.

During the annual meeting on Friday morning, Growmark introduced and explained their theme: Ahead of the Curve. Growmark has always stayed one step ahead of the changes in agriculture. With their determination, drive, and persistence, they have been setting goals with the future in mind to meet the needs of their customers. They made a promise that over the next generations of agriculturists, Growmark will work with the future in mind to always stay “Ahead of the Curve.”

In FFA, we are always finding new ways to prepare ourselves and our communities for the future. Through our chapter’s Food for America Programs and our Community Service Projects, we are busy keeping our communities informed and taken care of, bettering them for the future.

In our lives, we are looking toward developing new and better ways to follow our dreams. Whether it be following our dreams after high school or looking to join another co-curricular activity, we are always working with our end goal in mind, planning for the future.

How do you stay “Ahead of the Curve?”

Brenna Bays
State FFA Parliamentarian
From Farm to Fork
Aug. 15, 2015
Good Afternoon Wisconsin FFA!

It is a great morning to be finishing up the Wisconsin State Fair. The past 10 days have been filled with so much excitement, team bonding, and education. The State FFA Officers have been busy working the Veggie 500 Race in the Department of Agriculture Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP) building and in the Farm to Fork Activity in Badgerland Financial’s Discovery Barnyard. Though the Veggie Races are always exciting to watch and work, the team and I have found it rewarding to teach the general public about Wisconsin Agriculture.

As an $88.3 Billion industry, Wisconsin Agriculture is important in the lives of many across the State and Nation. Though agriculture plays such an important role in everyone’s everyday activities, the knowledge of “Where my food comes from” is not getting out to the public. As workers in the Farm to Fork Activity, the State FFA Officers completed our goal by making sure everyone that steps foot in our room will learn something new about Wisconsin Agriculture. Whether it be that cranberries are Wisconsin’s #1 Fruit Crop or that Wisconsin is home to more than 600 varieties of cheeses, the fairgoers here at State Fair are learning a lot.

I never truly saw the importance of educating the public about Wisconsin Agriculture until I became an FFA member. I grew up knowing that all cows produced white milk and that one day, our meat animals need to be harvested to feed the continually growing population. I came from a rural community and a farming background, but not everyone is like me. The average American is three generations removed from the Family Farm, which makes them three generations removed from production agriculture. Though a few always come back to their family roots and stay involved in the agriculture industry, many individuals do not know what goes in to making a nice home cooked meal at the end of a busy week. Working in the Farm to Fork activity has honestly opened my eyes to the potential all of us have to advocate for agriculture.

We are what E.M. Tiffany stated in our FFA Creed: “The Future of Agriculture.” As the world population grows in size, who is going to work their hardest to reach out to the modern consumers about agriculture? FFA members. Who is going to ensure that production agriculturists have the opportunity to increase their yields and productions of all their crops? FFA members. Who are the individuals that are joined together by the blue corduroy jacket with the same roots as 33 young farm boys did in 1928? FFA members.

We all have the potential to advocate for agriculture in our own communities. Hold a Farm Day or activity at your county fair to stress the importance of where our food, clothing, and necessities in life come from. Host a petting zoo for your community so they can see the animals that make the milk they drink, the eggs they eat, and the wool that is made into their clothing.
If you need any help finding ways to advocate in your chapters, please feel free to email me at I wish you a great rest of your summer and I cannot wait to see you all soon.

Happy Advocating!

Brenna Bays
State FFA Parliamentarian
Old Memories Never Die
Jul. 30, 2015
This past week was the Adams County Fair and I loved every minute of it. Somehow, those four days are the craziest, but they fly by! This year, I had the opportunity to speak at the different events held for the sponsors throughout the week. I also took the chance to announce during the tractor pull and many animal shows with Ms. Babcock (who is one of the Mauston FFA Advisors)! Though participating in the swine, beef, and dairy shows is my all time favorite, I found out that watching others relive their childhood memories tops it. This year at the Adams County Fair, we held an Adult Showmanship class for swine, beef, sheep, and dairy. It was by far the most serious and hilarious showmanship class I had ever seen before in my life and yours truly had the chance to organize and announce them!

The fair began Thursday night with the Swine Adult Showmanship. We had many willing competitors ranging from all ages! The judges decided to leave the gate open to the show ring so all of the adults were scrambling to keep their pigs on the far end of the ring. The next day was the Beef and Sheep Adult Showmanship. Some of the beef heifers and steers were very tired from their two hour show prior to Adult Showmanship and were not at all cooperating, but it definitely added to the crowd’s entertainment. Saturday brought Dairy Showmanship, that had 21 participants! It was the largest Adult Showmanship class of the week.

Though each Adult Showmanship had its own entertainment, it was great to see how each person in the ring enjoyed having the opportunity to do what they loved again. A great number of the adults who participated in Adult Showmanship had shown that species when they were younger, which made the chance to do it all again even more special. The look on their faces as they entered the ring was definitely unforgettable. Each of them enjoyed every moment to relive a large part of their childhood.

Though one door may close to opportunities, new doors open. We always hold the same interest and love for our childhood memories and when we have the chance to relive them, we will take that opportunity in a heartbeat. It is challenging to accept the fact that we are given a limited amount of time to be a 4-H or FFA member or even show at our county fairs, but we need to make the most of the time we have doing what we love.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” ~Dr. Seuss

Loving my opportunities,

Brenna Bays
State FFA Parliamentarian
Everyday is a Great Day to...
Jul. 22, 2015
So, I know I promised my next blog would be about how awesome, eye-opening, and memorable the Adams County Fair was for me, but something came up the other day that I just needed to share with you. I, along with many others, have officially become Platteville Pioneers! After patiently waiting for six years years, I, Brenna Bays am a student at UW-Platteville. Though it may not seem like a big deal, it truly is a big step in my life. I have wanted to go to further my education at UW-Platteville not only because it is one of the only schools in Wisconsin that offers a degree in Animal Science, but my parents both graduated from UW-Platteville. I can feel the family pride as I continue the tradition attending such a great school!

As I was sitting in at New Student Registration, every speaker stated how, “Everyday is a Great Day to be a Pioneer.” Not only is it great to be a part of the UW-Platteville family, but a Pioneer. A Pioneer is not only the mascot of UW-Platteville, but a Pioneer paves the path for others. They are the leaders, the innovators, and the motivators. They are the risk-takers and the adventurous type that aren’t afraid to make and take their own path in life.

As FFA members, we all are Pioneers. We each come from different backgrounds, but we all want to write our own stories through FFA. Whether we push ourselves to excel in Proficiency Awards, Career Development Events, or even to take away new skills or ideas by attending leadership conferences, we all find our niches in FFA and push towards them. We may be going out on a limb by trying something new or paving the way for future FFA members to follow in our footsteps, but we all are making a difference in our organization, our chapters, and ourselves. Everyone has their own specialties in FFA and it is definitely okay to go out and try new things.

My goal for each of you this year is to be that Pioneer. Take new opportunities in FFA. Don’t worry about being the only one dancing at a Sectional Leadership Workshop because once you start, everyone else will begin to join you. Purposefully take advantage of the wonderful and never-ending experiences that you are offered from being an FFA member. Everyone has the chance to excel in FFA, so take yours now.

Always remember, “Everyday is a Great Day to Be a Pioneer!”

Forever a Pioneer,

Brenna Bays
2015-2016 State Parliamentarian

***QUESTION-Email me your answer:
What other State Officer will be attending UW-Platteville with me next year?
Jul. 16, 2015
Hey there Wisconsin FFA!

I can not tell you enough how blessed I am to serve you all for the next year. Though it has only been 30 days since we all were elected, it feels as if we have known each other for a lifetime. After spending the past three weeks with my teammates, it seems unnatural to be at home with my family. Family time is always a great time, but I have just adopted 10 other siblings into my family!

Just last week, the Wisconsin State FFA Officer Team traveled down to Springfield, Illinois to attend the National Leadership Conference for State Officers (NLCSO) with the Illinois State FFA Officer Team. Throughout the week, we learned how to use our personal and team strengths to better the organization, how to develop and present workshops, how to utilize our accountability partners, and how to facilitate. We also all had the opportunity to really get to know National President, Andy Paul, as well as our facilitators, Andy and Daniel. They each did a fabulous job and made the most of the conference to share their personal experiences to better our year as State Officers. Besides learning how to improve your experiences in FFA, we had the chance to be tourists in Springfield! The first night we were there, my teammates and I toured Abraham Lincoln’s rebuilt community, which is a few blocks away from their state capitol. Later that week, we all toured the Lincoln Museum, which was stunning. Everyone was able capture the moments of Lincoln’s life before and during his presidency. Did you know that over Lincoln’s five years as President, his facial features changed drastically? There were two face molds taken of Lincoln: one when he was first elected and one right before he was assassinated. It is incredible to see how being a strong leader can change someone mentally and physically. After three weeks of training, we each are developing different leadership traits that will help us serve you throughout the year.

For me, these next few weeks will be crazy. Though I am away from my teammates, I have my county fair next week that I am preparing for.

Look forward to my next blog for a recap of the Adams County Fair, which is July 23 - July 26!

I hope to see you there!

Brenna Bays
State FFA Parliamentarian
Stars and Stripes Forever
Jul. 05, 2015
Happy Belated 4th of July everyone!!! I hope all of you had a blast yesterday celebrating America’s 239th Birthday. I had a great experience getting to ride in our town’s parade with my best friend, Faith, who is this years Adams County Fairest of the Fair. Riding through town reminded me of how lucky we are to live in the United States of America: the land of the free and home of the brave. The sight of the crowds cheering for every individual in the parade was breath taking. Sometimes, we are so caught up in the moment that we fail to realize the support that our community give us. Whether it be for an FFA event or even a float in a parade, our community members are always willing to push us toward our dreams. After the parade, I was able to attend some fireworks that night. The National Anthem played and then the bright lights in the sky began. I have always loved fireworks and they still leave me in awe.

Though the 4th of July is filled with many patriotic traditions, it is always important to remember those that gave their life for the freedom of our country. They have and will continue to work together for the sake of their country. Their bond for their fellow siblings and country are unbreakable. Their service to our country will never be forgotten.

Tomorrow, the Wisconsin State FFA Officer Team is traveling down to Springfield, Illinois to attend NLCSO (National Leadership Conference for State Officers) with the Illinois State FFA Officer Team. At NLCSO, the team will learn about how to work together as a team for the Wisconsin Association of FFA and the 19,484 Wisconsin FFA Members. I am so excited to see where this journey takes my teammates and I!

Forever Thankful,

Brenna Bays
2015-2016 State FFA Parliamentarian
Hello, Wisconsin FFA!
Jun. 27, 2015
Hello Wisconsin FFA! My name is Brenna Bays from the Adams-Friendship FFA Chapter and I am honored to serve as your next Section VI State FFA Officer and State Parliamentarian. This past week has flown by and I can only begin to imagine how quickly this year will go by. At the WAAE (Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators) Professional Development Conference, my team and I were able to begin getting to know each other, but also meeting all of your amazing Ag Teachers! Over the past week, my teammates were able to learn a lot about me, but I believe it is time for you to know some interesting facts about my life.

First of all, my name is Brenna Minoka Bays and I have lived on my families third-generation dairy farm in Adams, Wisconsin all of my life. On the farm, we milk 35-head of Holstein Dairy Cows, where we have been transitioning to a replacement heifer operation rather than a milking operation. I own two Crossbred Market Hogs and two Hereford Steers, which I raise to sell at the Adams County Livestock Sale. My parents are Jim Bays II and Molly Wiese. I have one brother named Collin and three dogs names Jack, Casey, and Bella. My grandparents are Jim and Mary Ann Bays and the late Jim and Joan O’loughlin. I graduated from Adams-Friendship High School in 2015 as Valedictorian and will be attending UW-Platteville to major in Animal Science. After college, I am undecided of what I want to do for my career. I am interested in cattle genetics and reproduction, but I also am beginning to develop an interest of becoming an Ag Teacher. My favorite color is purple and I am a HUGE Frozen fan. I absolutely love meeting new people and sharing my story about agriculture.

This past week at the WAAE Conference I was able to learn about how special it is to be an ag teacher. As Sally was introducing the team at the WAAE Banquet, she said these words that are so important in all our our lives. She said that, “though we may be standing on center stage, achieving our goals, our Ag Teachers and FFA Advisors are always standing back-stage cheering us on.” For sure, I know I would not be in the position that I am without my Ag Teacher, Ms. Grabarski. Our Ag Teachers and FFA Advisors dedicate their lives to making sure all of us live ours with no regrets. Thank you for all that you do.

So Wisconsin FFA, that is a little about me and I hope to get to know all of you more throughout the year!

Stay True and Blue,

Brenna Bays
2015-2016 State Parliamentarian

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