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Sally Albers - Vice President
Sauk Prairie FFA Chapter - Section 6
Spread the Word!
Aug. 12, 2014
Hey Wisconsin FFA I hope you’re all having a great week so far! Last week was the end of State Fair and boy was it fun! From getting to teach people about vegetables to discussing grocery stores and food production, it was a great experience.

We often take for granted our knowledge of the agriculture industry, and it is very rewarding to be able to share our knowledge with others. We all have the ability to share our knowledge and our generation is very fortunate in that we have social media to help us share our messages. By simply sharing a post on Facebook, retweeting an impactful tweet, or posting our own message, we have the ability to reach a lot of people in a very small amount of time.

Whether you’re explaining how corn grows to a 4 year old, explaining what genetically modified organisms are to an adult, or something in between we can all help share key agricultural messages. Although we are all able to do this, sometimes it is difficult to discuss these things, and it may make us feel uncomfortable.

In order to help with this I will be attaching links of several good resources to the Section 6-Wisconsin FFA Facebook page, so everyone has easy access to tools that can help spread knowledge of the agriculture industry. These links include blogs, news articles and more to help you learn more about the agriculture industry and to help you understand how to better explain it to those who are unaware of some of the different aspects of the agricultural industry.

The most important thing State Fair taught me is that we need to know as much as we can about the agriculture industry, and we need to help spread that knowledge to everyone we can. I hope I can help drive you all to want to do the same!

“Sharing knowledge can seem like a burden to some, but on the contrary, it is a reflection of teamwork and leadership.” ~ Unknown

Together we can learn from each other and be a team to share the agriculture industry with those around us. This should not be a burden, but instead something we embrace and enjoy!
Have a great week and share your knowledge!

~ Sally
Jul. 31, 2014
Hey Wisconsin FFA! I hope you’re all having a great week!

This week I attended the National Institute on Cooperative Education (NICE) conference, which involved lots of learning about cooperatives. It was an amazing experience and it was lots of fun. A huge shout out to Carlie O’Donnell for winning the Youth Scholar award and to Emma Brost for being such a fun person to travel with and helping me learn more about cooperatives.

I am currently at State Fair where I will be working both in the Discovery Barnyard and at the Veggie Races. I encourage everyone to come check out these cool agricultural learning opportunities. Good luck to everyone showing at State Fair and their County Fairs!

This week I have another question on both the Facebook page and the Facebook group. I can’t wait to here all of the answers everyone comes up with!

As we think about this question, I would like all of us to think of the many ways that we promote agriculture to the public. State Fair offers so many opportunities for this to occur such as the Products Pavilion that showcases many different agricultural products, and the Discovery Barnyard where families can learn about several different animals and plants. What are ways that we personally promote agriculture, either as individuals or within our chapters?

I’d like to hear from you, so please take some time to go answer this question on Facebook as well, or send me an email with your answer!

I can’t wait to hear the many different ways that Wisconsin FFA is promoting Wisconsin Agriculture! Have a great week and continue to promote all the good things this great industry has to offer!

“Without promotion, something terrible happens... nothing!” ~ P. T. Barnum

~ Sally
Teamwork=Dreams Work
Jul. 22, 2014
One of my goals this year as a State Officer is to increase communication. I have created a Facebook group to provide a place for members to easily communicate with me and other members within section six. The group is called Wisconsin FFA Section Six, and I encourage each of you to ask to join it.

To encourage you to join, I posted a question on the page. Many of you have officer and committee retreats coming up, and you may be trying to come up with ideas to develop into a stronger team. The question I posted can help each of you brainstorm and share your ideas.

One activity I remember doing with a past officer team was a number game. Everyone was assigned a secret number and we had to organize ourselves in numerical order without talking. To make it more challenging, we were also blindfolded.

This is just one example of an activity that can develop teamwork, and I will have another listed on the Facebook group. Both of these activities can help your team develop, and there are several others. I encourage you to use activities such as these at your retreats to not only become stronger teams, but to also have a lot of fun and a few good laughs.

I hope each of you takes a little time this week to look at the Facebook group, and think about how you become stronger teams whether it be an officer team, committee, sports team, or any other team you may be a part of. Make this a week of teamwork!

"When you form a team, why do you try to form a team? Because teamwork builds trust and trust builds speed." ~ Russel Honore

~ Sally

P.S. The picture I included this week is of the Sauk Prairie FFA Officer team I was fortunate enough to be a part of. Using several team building activities we became a much stronger team.
Jul. 16, 2014
Time really does fly; I can’t believe July is already half done! This past week I have been busy with the Sauk County Fair. I was able to show two of my pigs, and offer a little help to the people showing cattle from my local chapter.

On Friday I had the opportunity to assist the Sauk County Fairest of the Fair award ribbons and trophies to the Dairy exhibitors. There is nothing more exciting than seeing the joy and excitement in the eyes of an award winner. I really enjoyed having the opportunity to see so many 4-H and FFA members show off their hard work through their projects.

In addition to showing, I was able to sell one of my pigs through the Meat Animal auction. Watching the auction is such a rewarding experience because we get the chance to see community support all around us.

As I was writing a thank you note to the business that purchased my pig, I thought about how much support I have received over the years. From family and friends to advisors and alumni members, I have had the support needed to get through any obstacle I could possibly face. Now it was time to show these people how much I appreciate their support.

As FFA members we are very fortunate to have a tremendous amount of support. This year the foundation raised over $500,000 to help support the many opportunities we as FFA members have. Wisconsin also has the largest FFA Alumni in the nation, and every one of those alumni members is here to support FFA members in any way they can.

We are truly blessed to have all of this support, and I encourage each of you to think of someone who has supported you in the past. Now I would like us all to take a little time this week to show our appreciation for this support. We can do this by sending a card, saying thank you, or even by paying it forward and offering support to someone else. Make this a week of appreciation!

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.” ~ Marcel Proust

~ Sally

P.S. The picture attached to this is of Adam Field, an FFA member from Reedsburg. This was his creative way to go into the sale ring, since he couldn't take his pig in. Great creativity Adam!
Jul. 08, 2014
Wow what a week the Wisconsin State Officer team had at the National Leadership Conference for State Officers (NLCSO)! Not only did we get to meet lots of new friends, but we also had the opportunity to become closer as a team. Our team showed up all of the other states by winning both the first blackout pig that was awarded, but we also won the blackout pig for the entire week.

For those of you who don’t know what the blackout pig is, it’s a black piggy bank that was handed out at NLCSO to the most energetic and spirited State Officer Team. Winning the pig first and for the overall week means that this year is going to be full of energy and excitement! Be prepared to get loud and have lots of fun with our spirited team!

After spending the fourth of July with our families, my teammates and I were together again in Tomah and Matt’s house. We spent lots of time preparing for upcoming events this fall, and we also got the opportunity to tour Matt’s family’s grain farm. It was very interesting to learn all about their business, and see all that a grain farm entails.

This week I am getting ready for the Sauk County Fair where I will be showing two of my pigs. I am very excited to showcase my SAE project and get to see other FFA members doing the same! Good luck to everyone participating at fairs this summer! Keep up the energy Wisconsin FFA!

"The more you lose yourself in something bigger than yourself, the more energy you will have.” ~ Norman Vincent Peale

~ Sally
Time to Learn
Jun. 30, 2014
The past couple weeks my teammates and I have been off and running with both the Wisconsin Association of Agricultural Educators (WAAE) Professional Development Conference as well as our Blast Off Training Conference. Both of these have been extremely helpful in learning how we can best serve you. This week my teammates and I are together again, as we join state officer teams from the surrounding states for the National Leadership Conference for State Officers (NLCSO).

At the WAAE conference we learned all about Team Ag Ed and the many supporters the Wisconsin Association of FFA has. It was also a time to get to know each other and several of your Agricultural Instructors as well. We are so fortunate in Wisconsin to have so many strong supporters, and did you know we have the largest FFA Alumni in the nation? That’s pretty awesome!

As we transitioned from the WAAE conference to Blast Off, my teammates and I went from learning about the supporters of Team Ag Ed to learning about each other and how we can support one another. By discussing our strengths, we learned new ways to work together and better serve all of you. I can’t wait to put all of our hard work into action!

Speaking of action, during Blast Off we finalized our theme for the year…”Target Success. Take Action.” I can’t wait to see each of you target your desired personal success and take the action you need to achieve it!

As this week continues, I look forward to developing bonds with state officers from the surrounding states, continuing to grow as a team, and learning new and better ways that I can serve each of you. I hope you all have a great week!

“Action is the foundational key to all success.” ~ Pablo Picasso

~ Sally Albers
A New Bell
Jun. 24, 2014
Hey Wisconsin FFA! I am ecstatic to be able to serve as this year's section 6 State FFA Officer! I will be serving as one of the five Vice Presidents.

I grew up near my family's cash crop farm, and eventually moved onto the farm. I have since moved off the farm, but my ties still remain. My freshman year I started a Swine Entrepreneurship that has consisted of 4 to 8 pigs a year. I also work with beef cattle as a placement SAE. I have shown both steers and pigs at the Sauk County Fair, and this year I will be showing pigs again.

When I first joined the Sauk Prairie FFA chapter in eighth grade I was very driven to get involved. My FFA jacket was something special to me and it reminded me of all I wanted to accomplish and all I wanted to do for others. When I got my jacket, my advisor gave me a little bell to put in my inside jacket pocket. The concept of the bell was an idea that Matt Anderson, a past state FFA officer, had and its purpose was to remind you every time you put the jacket on what it meant to you. For me the bell represented everything my jacket and I had been through, my goals for the future, and the FFA “brand." It reminded me to be respectful, honest, and to put others first.

Receiving my brand new Wisconsin Association jacket was a very exciting moment, but when I took off my Sauk Prairie jacket that had been with me through everything, I heard the bell ring that I'd heard so many times before. The bell reminded me of many fun and exciting memories, and by getting that Association jacket I had reached one of the goals that bell had stood for.

Now when I wear my Wisconsin Association jacket a new bell rings. This bell reminds me of my goals for this upcoming year and all of the people that I have the opportunity to serve. But my new bell also reminds me that there is another bell in another jacket with so many memories and goals that helped get me here today. It's not about the bell, but instead what it represents. We all have something that can serve as a bell for us, we just have to find it.

I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve this year and get to know so many of you. I can't wait to hear my new bell ring so many more times, and I encourage each of you to find something that can be your own bell.

"Think when the bells do chime, 'tis angels' music." - George Herbert

~Sally Albers
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