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Emily Kruse - Parliamentarian
Elkhorn FFA Chapter - Section 10
Supervised Agricultural Experience:
My SAE consisted of an array of different activities. My main focus was agricultural education and leadership, in this SAE I raised chickens and put on educational presentations about them for our community, coached other FFA members who competed in the FFA Creed Speaking LDE, and developed student management skills through my work as a Water Safety Instructor.
What was your favorite FFA opportunity that you participated in?
Rewind all the way to my freshman year, I participated in FFA Creed Speaking. For those of you who know a little about me, I have been blessed with two parents who have always been actively involved in the FFA and agricultural industry. When I entered 7th grade, the first year of FFA eligibility I was excited but still felt a lack of ownership in the organization. It was my parents' organization, not mine. Then during my freshman year I felt compelled to participate in the FFA Creed. It began as normal, memorizing five paragraphs and practicing my hand motions. But, as I continued to advance in competition and practice more, the words developed a pride in our industry and organization that was my pride. The FFA Creed helped me find ownership in OUR organization. If you are wondering, "What is FFA about," or "What does the organization believe in," this contest will answer those questions for you!
What was your favorite holiday tradition growing up?
Thanksgiving is by far my favorite holiday: family, food and football, how does it get any better than that? Will there ever be another dynamic trio quite as enjoyable? Although I am an advocate for Thanksgiving being the best holiday, my favorite holiday tradition actually occurs the day after Thanksgiving. Although Christmas begins in stores as soon as the back-to-school gear disappears, my family begins the season the Friday after Thanksgiving. On this day, every year, we put up our christmas tree and hang ornaments while listening to our first round of christmas music for the year. This day is always jam packed with revisiting our old memories as well as creating new ones to talk about in the years to come.
Looking to the future, what is one goal you have for the rest of your year serving as a state FFA officer?
The first five months of office have already held so many memories and growth experiences, I can not wait to see what the rest of the year does. With the remaining time left in this year I strive to share more about the diversity of agriculture. As I grew up outside of production agriculture, I always find it a hoot when I hear, "But I do not farm," as an excuse not to join or participate in FFA. That excuse quickly fades away when I mention that I have never farmed. I hope to expose more students to the growing industry and the over 300 careers that exist in agriculture!